Anti-Wrinkle Treatments are becoming increasingly popular across the entire age spectrum and the service market overpopulated. Finding a practitioner who knows the level or quality of product required, exact understanding of the physiognomy and an eye for detail can be challenging. Taylor Made Aesthetics only utilise industry leading products to banish the appearance of lines produced by age, smoking, stressful lifestyle, skin or sun damage. We only use Botox, Azzalaure & Bocture to achieve radiance, smooth, youthful visage and facial symmetry. This a minimal pain procedure which involves a consultation of the areas in need of attention, then small painless incisions of quality product.  A follow up appointment to assess progress and administer any required top is provided to all clients. 

From £100

Lip Fillers & Augmentation

With the growing popularity of fuller lips alongside with the risk of looking too unnatural or synthetic, Taylor Made Aesthetics’ lip treatments deliver that fine balance of the results you desire and the volume that meets the proportions of your face. Our treatments can counteract uneven smiles, deflated or thin lip structure, remove lines & scars as well completely build a new seductive, selfie pout. Natalie has a signature technique, supported by globally approved products and continual treatment until the desired effects are achieved. Working with you in a calming, realistic, comforting & expert manner Natalie will give you the volume, structure, shape and build that will elevate your smile, build confidence, enhance your features and rejuvenate your face. 

From £110 


Cheek Fillers, Definition & Re-Sculpture

Taylor made Aesthetics’ none surgical cheek enhancement procedures bring out the curvature of your natural bone structure with a defined, symmetrical, prominence to your facial features. By using premium products and unrivalled technique, this popular treatment will define and restore natural volume loss also improving mid face area (nose to mouth) The application of the product is applied evenly across your cheek structure to lift and elevate your facial parity, giving you a distinct, much desired look. 

From £250


Tear Trough (deep eye-socket or eyebags reduction) 

Having undertaken specialists advanced training in this area of aesthetics, we focus on the under-eye area which typically loosens over time and creates dark lines, bags or deeper eye sockets. The specific use of a cannula to inject a high-quality derma filler into this area is the first phase to build the area up in a natural way, alleviating deep lines or dark rings, leaving you looking and feeling look a younger version of yourself. The treatment will refortify the natural elasticity in younger skin; This transformative treatment is a specialty of Natalie’s delivered over a course of gradual consultations until your eyes look less tired, aged and lined. Using this technique will often generate the same results as eye-bag removal surgery without the costs, risks and time attached.

From £450

Vampire Facials – Nytox PRP 

A painless alternative to a facelift, we deliver this revitalizing treatment to provide a holistic approach to the face, rejuvenating the skin, healing any damaged areas and restoring the elasticity and collagen of your skin. The whole face is treated with a solution that is generated from plasma proteins. Trauma is caused to the skin which is then encouraged to heal with 100% nutrients. Your own blood is used as natural filler and skin booster solution that induces synthesis of collagen. This stimulation aids in the overall firming and toning of the skin, resulting in a more youthful, glowing appearance.

From £200


None Surgical Nose Job Rhinoplasty 

A full facial analysis and inspection of the nasal area will be provided during consultation. The use of our upmarket, high performing products to balance any unevenness, build symmetry and reshape your nose to your exact specifications. Natalie will work with you to agree the shape and structure you require, any imperfections you wish to reduce and only provide filler where is necessary, offering honest advice and instant effects.

From £450


Hyperhidrosis Treatments or Excess Sweat Cessation

Typically affecting the hands and underarms, the production of excess sweat can be unpleasant, unconformable and upsetting. By administering a small quantity of Botox into the affected area, the product stops the sweat glands from overproducing large quantities of excess perspiration. The treatment allows for grater confidence in wearing lighter clothing, shaking hands, exercise, physical or tactile activities leaving you feeling shower fresh, clean & dry at all times. 

From £350


Chin & Jawline Sculpting

Through Taylor Made Aesthetics’  vast experience, premium products and client led approach, we apply the adequate amount of fillers into your chin and jawline to create a more defined or chiseled lower face area, producing an entirely new model-like face, the perception of reduced weight and beautiful, layered bone structure. As with all of our procedures, clients receive a full consultation and discussion around requirements prior to any work undertaken.

From £200 


Eyelid Rejuvenation – None Surgical Blepharoplasty

Both the upper & lower eyelid regions are prone to excess tissue with the skin surrounding the area sagging with age, adipocyte fats and a droopy tired look which is aging and unflattering. Taylor Made Aesthetics’ revolutionary advancements in this field provided clients with an affordable alternative to surgery, a smoother and tighter optical area, embellishing the natural beauty of your eyes as well as the option of either upper of lower corrective work. Please contact directly for current offers.

From £795

Nefertiti Neck Lift 

Achieve a dramatically younger looking under chin area with Taylor Made Aesthetics’ market leading Nefertiti neck lift. Via administering a series of incisions into precise areas under Natalie’s skillful control we can Tighten, contour and lift the neck area with this none-invasive alternative to the scarring and sizeable investments typically attached to medical surgery of this nature.

From £295

Liquid Facelift

With the continuing evolution and advancements in aesthetic products alongside the prompt results, minimal time commitments of using a qualified practitioner – surgical facelifts are slowly being rendered unnecessary and costly. Taylor Made Aesthetics’ use a mixture of injectables & toxins to subtly lift any drooping areas, reduce the appearance of jowls, restore natural volume loss, smoothen and plump sunken areas and create a fuller more voluminous face.

From £800

Lip Augmentation

Dermal Fillers


Skin Care

None Surgical Lipo